About Bring A Mate Interest Groups

Men build real relationships with other good men side by side. That’s a fact. Therefore Bring A Mate is focused on encouraging men to proactively participate in and/ or lead local interest groups to provide them with regular opportunities to connect in positive ways with other guys who share and enjoy the same hobbies and interests.

It’s simple – just start by Bringing A Mate along to anything you enjoy doing. If you’re a cyclist, go cycling together, if you’re a jogger, run together, if you’re into model trains, do it together.

How do I get connected to Bring A Mate and get involved?

  1. You can join an existing Bring A Mate interest group (check out the list of current groups)
  2. If there isn’t one in your area, ask us for help to start one – Sounds daunting? It’s easy, and our job is to support you in that process – that’s why we’ve spent years running our own, to work out the good, the bad and ugly of running social men’s interest groups. Our job is to share that experience with other guys to help you succeed.
  3. If there’s an existing club, or Men’s Shed or interest group in your area try joining them rather than reinventing the wheel. (See what look for in a great interest group to make sure the culture of that group is what you need.)

What’s different about a Bring A Mate group to other clubs or social groups?

Being a part of a Men’s social group has an influence on your life, it can be positive or negative, so choose wisely where you spend your time. What to look for in a positive interest group:

Bring A Mate groups have the following characteristics, they:

  • encourage and uphold a culture of mutual respect
  • are inclusive rather than exclusive – therefore most don’t have any membership requirements to participate
  • provide a range of choices and options for participation for men to be able to look after their health in positive ways, as well as encouraging them to respect their family time too.
  • run activities that are welcoming and aim to appeal to all men.
  • run activities that encourage participation and enjoyment.
  • run activities that encourage men to seek and proactively develop friendships & pathways for self-care.
  • structure their activities so that no man is left behind.

Hey that sounds like our group!

Do the Bring A Mate’s features match a group you’re a part of already? – Want to find out how to become one of our Bring A Mate affiliate groups?

Just drop us a line & let us know about your group & we’ll look at how we can promote you as part of our interest groups list to guys in the community.

Help me start my own BAM Interest Group

Want explore how you could start your own group?

Send a message and we’ll contact you to talk more about your ideas and how we could help you bring them to life.