Seniors Call to Action

Seniors Call to ActionThrough consultation with men and women over 65 years we’ve identified that a key barrier to community cohesion is a sense of disconnectedness related to changes in the way Australians communicate. The niceties of the helping a neighbour, talking over the fence, or saying G’day as you pass in the street have slowly disappeared, and this increases isolation for various groups in our community, including migrants and the elderly.

Through the BAM Seniors Call 2 Action project Men over 65 years will be recruited into service to their community, Giving them a sense of purpose and mission, and through their work change the face of the Hills local community to bring back a culture of connectedness and mateship. We will be working with local clubs, men’s sheds, and seniors programs in Sydney’s Hills area to assist with rolling out the project.

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BAM Connect Remote Participants Project

BAM-Bring-A-Mate-LogoThere are lots of individuals in the local areas who run small sports & recreation groups, eg community joggers, golf groups, mountain biking, & cycling, who don’t wish to formalise themselves as a club due to cost & admin.

But these groups need support to be able to manage group culture, risks associated with recording participants, and being able to communicate with participants.

Bring A Mate are developing the BAM Connect App Project which will aim to provide a service to these small social groups to help them electronically manage and grow their participants.

Our goals will be to develop the BAM Connect App, connect with existing local social sporting and recreational group leaders across the Hills LGA as a pilot group, and people wanting to run a new group but concerned about having no support.

BAM will connect groups to the app, and provide there team with training and support on growing a positive and inclusive culture, managing volunteer activity leaders, using social media to keep people connected and grow the group.

The BAM Connect check-in mobile app enables a No-RSVP participation process. BAM men’s social interest groups work because they are open to anyone to attend & bring a mate, they don’t require RSVP commitment so fear of letting people down is not a barrier to participation. Managing the risks associated with this is a challenge, making it easy for people to check will help mitigate this problem.

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