Man Bag

What’s “The Man Bag”?
The “Man Bag” concept was created in response to a gap in our society. Everywhere we went we saw show bags for women and kids giving them info on how to manage various aspects of their lives.

But what about the guys?
So we decided to create a show bag for men filled with great information about Preventative Mental and Physical Health tips and practical guides for youth, men and dads.
Thanks to local small business supporters and sponsors we’ve given out over 10,000 man bags in the last 5 years to men just like you at events and festivals all over Sydney.

What do I do with the material in the Man Bag?
Read it, Think about it, Share it with other men who can benefit from it, then take action!

Info & Help

We encourage men to proactively seek help from professionals equipped to guide them through some of life’s more challenging times.

You can access the available services for men through The Men’s Referral Service (MRS). MRS provides anonymous and confidential telephone counselling, information and referrals to men to help them take action to stop using violent and controlling behaviour. The MRS telephone counselling service is for men who might be using violent and controlling behaviour towards a partner or family member and want help to change, crisis information, referral to counselling, referrals to programs for men.

The National Mensline (counselling) can be accessed via calling 1300 789 978 or Mensline Online Support, Information and Referral Service

Other Mens Support & Health Promotion Groups

There are a number support and social groups aimed at specific demographics of men in community (eg Youth, Armed Services and over 55’s) – here are some for your information:

  • Conviction Group:
    Conviction Group aims to encourage young males to re-evaluate their perspectives on pivotal issues concerning young men’s health and empower enhanced decision-making. Conviction Group provides mentoring services and hosts forums.
  • Mates4Mates:
    We provide rehabilitation programs for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who are wounded, injured or ill. We also support the families of these MatesMates4Mates offers physical, psychological and social rehabilitation services specifically designed to meet the needs of the wounded, injured and ill.
  • Mens’ Sheds In Australia: |
    There are now over 315 Sheds in NSW which cater for lots of different men, particular men over 55 years. But many of these Men’s Sheds actively connect with community programs and mentor young men at risk in their communities, pairing them to work with older men, providing inter-generational mentoring.
  • Blacktown & Districts TPI Social & Welfare Club
    Providing social group activities for Men with PSTD – they can contacted through the club secretary

Research & Stats

lets talk about depression
Middle-aged Australians drive rise in national suicide rate


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