“Better Men = Better Communities”

Our Mission

Bring A Mate encourages men to choose to look after their health by enjoying time with mates in positive ways. We promote men’s health by proactively encouraging men to reduce isolation and imbalance and assisting them to create simple pathways to achieve this.

What we do

Bring A Mate promotes the concept of preventative mental & physical health for men, by encouraging men to be proactive in reducing isolation and imbalance in their lives and educating them on how to apply this concept in a practical way through participation in local interest groups.

Our aims are to:

  • Increase community participation by men
  • Increase community connection for men
  • Reduce social isolation for men
  • Improve mental health for men

These outcomes will lead to our overall objective of building on strong communities where men are proactively seeking to have:

  • strength of character
  • strength of mind
  • strength of heart
  • and strength of purpose.

How we do it

We run a range of interest groups and community connection activities for Men aged 15+ in Australia to help them connect.

Pathways may look different in different communities, however the Bring A Mate model comprises the following:

  1. Leadership development – identifying and providing leadership development for community leaders/ Bring A Mate ambassadors.
  2. Education – promoting the BAM concept in the broader community, to businesses and churches
  3. Running & supporting BAM activities – one off events & regular interest groups.
  4. Referral to support services – utilising our network of referral partners for men and their families seeking help.

Bring A Mate is a key project of Men In Action an incorporated Not for Profit organisation. We rely on the generosity of individuals, local businesses and small grants to fund our work. We are a non-government funded organisation and all proceeds raised by Bring A Mate activities are used to further expand and develop the Bring A Mate project in local communities.

“What is This?”

BAM - Hammer and Anvil

The Bring A Mate Icon of the Hammer striking an Anvil represents our believe that “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another – Proverbs 27:17”